Australia, the land of Kangaroos, has attracted the third largest number of the international students to come and study in Australia. Every year, around 400, 000 overseas students get educated from Australian universities, colleges and institutes. There could be hundred of reasons behind these unbeatable figures. However, spectacular nature view, beautiful infrastructure and peaceful climate are undeniable reasons behind its popularity as one of the most desirable study abroad destinations among overseas students. So, before you get study visa for Australia, land on this beautiful country, you might be excited to know more about the lifestyle and climate in this country. Let’s go further.

Australia is a country of endless opportunities and incredible beauty. A natural wonderland of sublime glamour, breathtaking beaches, incredible ancient rock formations, crystal blue waters and pristine rainforests, Australia is the sixth-largest country in the world and has the lowest population density per square kilometre. The majority of Australia’s atypical flora and fauna can be found nowhere else in the world and the lifestyle is surely one-of-its-kinds. The Capital of Australia is Canberra which is another beautiful state of the country.

Australian Capital Territory: The youngest of Australia States and Territory legislatures is the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Territory and not a State. It is the home of Canberra, the Australian Capital.

Northern Territory: The Northern Territory, Territory and not a State, has Darwin as its Capital. It is highly celebrated for Uluru, earlier popular as the Ayres Rock. This ancient monolith is purely spellbinding and a treat to the human senses. It captures the imagination and leaves the visitors mesmerized; that too with a deep sense of wonder they hardly experienced ever.

New South Wales: Recognized as the home to Sydney, New South Wales is one of the most charming and delightful state in the world. The boundaries of the state span from the sub tropical northern border with Queensland to the extra moderate Victorian border.

Queensland: Queensland is bisected by the Tropic of Capricorn, and is rightly known as the Sunshine State of Australia. The Capital of Queensland, Brisbane, is one of the fastest emerging cities in Australia and it provides an exceptional dais for touring the Gold Coast, popularly known as Australia’s Playground, and the Sunshine Coast which is famous for its surfing beaches, rainforests and elegant resorts like Noosa.

South Australia: South Australia is overwhelmed with adorable attractions to allure the visitors. Adelaide, the state capital of South Australia which is renowned as the City of Churches, is a lovely small paradise and is perhaps quainter than any other mainland capital.

Tasmania: Tasmania, the Apple Isle, showcase glorious lakes, majestic mountains, rivers, beaches, waterfalls, and much more. It makes a strong statement about how effortless it is to go across the whole island in just a matter of few days. Historic settlements of the quaint stone cottages that have been transformed into comfy and cherished accommodation dot the landscape.

Victoria: Victoria is Australia’s smallest and the most densely populated state with Melbourne as its Capital. Melbourne, dominated by trams, is a fine medley of old European sophistication and the trends of the modern world. This small State, tenderly known as the Garden State, reaps a strong advantage from its comprehensive road network and is therefore great for a touring holiday.

Western Australia: Western Australia is the largest of all Australian states. Perth, the City of Lights, is the Capital and the largest city in Western Australia. It enjoys a Mediterranean climate all-year-round, and is surrounded by gorgeous gardens and reserves which are in deep contrast with the Outback terrain lying beyond them.

Living In Australia:

When it comes to accommodation in Australia, there are following four options to choose from:

Short Term Accommodation:

This is a helpful option when you first arrive in Australia and need time to settle there. You can look for hostels or hotels offering discounted price. Alternatively, you can go for temporary housing offered through your institution while you get settled after getting study visa for Australia.


Secondly, you can rent or lease an apartment of property that you can share with your friends. Sharing with friends makes it a cost-effective and luxurious option for accommodation. You will need to talk to real estate agent and get a bond signed that held to repair any damage to the property while renting. Partial or full amount may be refunded to you once your tenancy agreement has terminated.

On Campus:

Most of the universities, colleges and institutes offer fully-furnished on campus apartments to the students including meals and cleaning. This is the best option to minimize travelling time and cost. For this, you have to contact institute’s staff directly.

Home Stay:

This is another best option for younger students who want to enjoy full house amenities. Here, students have to stay with an Australian families offering home stay accommodation. A whole screening is conducted to check whether or not the house environment is perfect for students.


Australia offers a fantastic and diverse range of food for the students who want to study in Australia. A variety of fruits and vegetables are available in Australian produce markets. As a result, students face no difficulty in finding the foods they used to fancy at home as the market caters to a varied population.


Australia uses a dollars and cents system of decimal currency, with 100 cents making a dollar. The bank notes in use are a$5, A$10, A$20, A$50 and A$100. The Coins used are the silver-colored 5 cent, 10 cent, 20 cent and 50 cent and the gold-coloredA$1 and A$2 coins.



Students who want to study in Australia may benefits by less expensive and easy transport system. Australia has a comprehensive public transport system which comprises of trains, buses, tramways, ferries, two major national airlines and a large number of regional airlines. To go with it, and there is an extensive network of metered taxicabs running round-the-clock in major cities and towns. All transport terminals, main hotels and shopping malls have taxi stands; or else, you can hail one in the streets.

Everyone should know all these information before applying for a study visa for Australia

Rejection of Student Visa:

            All students wanting to study in Australia have to undergo an assessment under “Genuine Temporary Enrolment” to check whether the prospective students are genuinely coming to peruse education using the Visa for some often personal purpose. Here are the list factors studied by the immigration officers of Australia before considering or rejecting the application:

  • Previous study record and relevancy of course applied.
  • Previous Immigration History.
  • Gap between previous studies and indented study.
  • Reason behind choosing the intended course, Institution and Australia for study.
  • Financial Background.
  • Economic social and political background of country.